Mock the Doc is a complete Sonic's World story

One of the contestants' efforts. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

featuring in Issue 96 of Sonic the Comic. The Freedom Fighters do appear, but only in one panel.



In a world controlled fiercely by Doctor Robotnik, the inhabitants of Mobius must sit in front of their television at 6pm to watch their tyrant broadcast his daily lecture. Anyone refusing to do so will be taken to a Badnik Processing Plant. One night, however, the whole of Mobius is spared when a pirate broadcast interrupts the show and starts presenting Mock the Doc, a new show where regular citizens dress up as Robotnik and make fun of him. Hosted by Matthew Corgi, Mock the Doc's first contestant is Teddy Gormless from the Marble Zone, a bear who mocks Robotnik's immense weight. Across Mobius, families are enjoying this distraction, but one person certainly isn't. In Citadel Robotnik, the dictator relentlessly continues to deliver his speech, unaware that nobody is watching him, until Grimer reluctantly informs him. Robotnik's reply is to send in the Troopers to interfere.

As Bill Walrus mocks Robotnik's cone-head and his inability to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog, the soldiers arrive to capture Corgi. Robotnik watches as they move in, but are suddently distracted by the three fake Robotniks standing in front of them. Corgi realises that the Troopers are too stupid to understand and encourages the contestants to trick the soldiers into obeying only themselves. With each Troopers believing that the others have betrayed Robotnik for a "fake master", they shoot each other to pieces. Furious, Robotnik heads to the studio to deal with things personally, but everyone has escaped. The humiliation isn't over, though, as the cameras are still rolling, capturing Robotnik's despair. As the Freedom Fighters watch from the comfort of their home, Robotnik puts a sledgehammer through his own television.


  • Several of the names are parodies of real people. Matthew Corgi is presumably a take on UK presenter/actor Matthew Corbett, although it isn't certain. He also resembles Matthew Kelly, host of UK talent show Stars in Their Eyes. What is definite is the Home and Away parody, Zone and Away.


This story was reprinted in Issue 195.


The previous Sonic's World story is The Monster Wakes. The next is Boiling Point.

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