Art by M DJ Boyann.

Monkeys are relatively minor characters in Sonic the Comic. The primates, rather similar to Planet Earth's human population, are characterised by their long tails, swinging around and eating bananas, although none of that happens in the comic.
  • Kid Cruel is a stereotypical "black" monkey who attacks the Forest Hills area and kidnaps all their children, so that he can place them inside... Similarly, every resident of Forest Hills are monkeys themselves.
  • Sharp-dressed monkeys can be found in Monster World, although Shion considers them annoying and was tempted to kill one when it woke up.
  • The Monkey King is a famous opera character well known for his sense of fun and legendary kung-fu prowess. A Neo Zeed assassin dressed as him in order to defeat Joe Musashi and stop him from rescuing Naoko.
  • The Zed Monkeys are monkey versions of the X-Men who live in New Tek City and fight crime. They have a ritual of posing at Hero Hour, although it's a shame that most crimes seem to happen then...
  • A monkey attends the Hero of the Year award ceremony and another one is rescued from a Badnik later.

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