Monsters on the Miracle Planet
is a complete story starring Amy Rose, featuring in Issue 251 of Sonic the Comic Online. It covers the introduction of G.U.N. into the Sonic the Comic universe.



With the war on Mobius against Doctor Robotnik in full swing, the decision has been made to evacuate children to the Miracle Planet. With the help of multi-zone alliance, G.U.N., Amy assists the operation whilst Tails and G.U.N. keep the skies clear of Badniks until the planet disappears for another month. At the end of another battle, Amy plans to leave the planet and return to Mobius but all communications are down. Realising it may be down to an enemy, Amy and Sergeant Tin head off to find the trouble. When nobody is about, they realise it may be a Badnik in disguise, brought onto the planet by mistake, and they soon find the problem - a Tails Doll floating by itself! They aim to attack, but two more sneak up and knock Tin out. Amy fires but the dolls freeze the arrows in midair, dropping them. Amy turns to run, but the Badniks alter gravity and lift Amy into the air. As the dolls approach, Amy realises it may be the gems on the dolls' heads giving them life and at this range, can only shoot down one. However, a well-aimed shot destroys all three at once, freeing her.

Amy hurriedly leaves the planet before it disappears, but she's left to wonder just how many Tails Dolls there are on Mobius.


  • This is the first STC appearance of both the Tails Doll and of GUN, particularly the first time appearance of a snake character.
  • Reception of Tails Doll's appearance was largely negative, with many associating the character with the Internet meme of a creepy, supernatural foe.
  • GUN's appearance in the comic can be preceded by the blog by Choy in Breaking News!, depending if you read the comic or the feature first.


The previous Amy Rose story was Revolutionary, alongside Tekno the Canary. The next Amy solo adventure is The Curse of Silent Spire.

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