Mother is a Decap Attack complete story appearing in Issue 126 of Sonic the Comic.



At Castle Frank N. Stein, Professor Frank N. Stein is deeply upset. The mad scientist freaks out that his parents are coming to stay but Chuck D. Head doesn't see what the fuss is all about. His question is answered as Mr and Mrs Stein welcome themselves into the castle and force Frank to kiss his mother. Frank asks where Igor is, Mrs Stein revealing she had him arrested for trying to steal their bags. An exasperated Frank says he had been sent to the railway station to help with the luggage, but Mrs Stein sent him to casualty by way of a shovel to the head. Chuck remarks that Frank's parents are even crazier than he is, Stein remembering back to his childhood. Before he can share his memories with the rest of us, a scream rings out from the laboratory. Mrs Stein has found Frank's latest effort at reviving a corpse and is beginning to have a funny "turn". Chuck tries to calm her down, but in advertantly makes things worse when he confirms that Frank is a grave-robbing monster-builder. Mrs Stein turns on her son, asking how her ex-choir boy golden boy could do this, while also questioning his stupid accent. An indignant Frank states that all mad scientists and geniuses talk this way, but his mum shouts down his "genius", calling him a naughty boy. Frank stands up for himself, saying it was he who brought the neighbour's cat back to life after being run over by a milk float - but gave it two heads.

Sick of Frank's inadequacy, Mrs Stein decides there is only one thing to do. Grabbing hold of the rubber gloves, she reveals the amino acid levels are all over the place and the voltage is too low. Frank sighs and Mr Stein smiles, knowing that "nobody brings 'em back from the dead" like her wife.


  • Mr and Mrs Stein are seen for the first (and last) time.
  • The story is one focused on Frank and his family. Because of this, supporting characters play very little part. Head is present but doesn't say a word. Igor is mentioned, although has since been taken to casualty.
  • Kitching attempted a computer colouring style for the first time in a Decap strip, which would later be fine-tuned in future editions.
  • Despite Mrs Stein's disgust at her son being a monster-builder, it is suggested that she is pretty good at the art herself.
  • Mrs Stein looks somewhat like Dame Edna Everage... despite being yellow.


The previous Decap Attack story was Dog. The next is Dungeon.

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