Mountain of Doom is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 152 of Sonic the Comic.



Sonic is having to cope with the fact that Doctor Robotnik has returned. Sonic believed Robotnik had changed back into Doctor Kintobor forever, but Robotnik reveals that the madman was being kept at bay by a small vial of potion. Now Robotnik has returned, he has no need for the antidote and throws it into the sand behind him. Fully aware they have unfinished business between them, Sonic puts this to one side to think about the children that have been taken by the genies. Robotnik states that he will help Sonic find them, but Sonic wants no help. Nevertheless, as Grand Visier, Robotnik has intricate knowledge of the Mystic Mountain and Sonic needs his advice. Despite Sonic knowing Robotnik is up to something, he allows him to come along.

Lost in his thoughts, Sonic forgets that Robotnik has fallen behind and waits for him. However, he waits right in a sticky spider web, produced by a massive chain-bound spider. Robotnik introduces Sython, guardian of the Mystic Mountain, much to Sonic's despair - he hates spiders! The hedgehog doesn't mind too much as the spider is quite slow but as Sonic weaves around of Syphon's attacks, he soon finds himself tangled in the web. As he's joined by many more little spiders, Sonic panics and unleashes a massive Spin Attack, freeing himself and killing the small spiders. Syphon's been dealt with too; Robotnik pulls a lever which drags Syphon to the roof, something he apparently knew how to do all along.

Kintobor may have kept secrets from Sonic, but Robotnik revels in the story that the children become vessels for the genies to enter the outside world. Sonic is furious and charges ahead, soon finding his way to the inner sanctum. There, he spots the childen getting ready to channel the genies into their bodies and one of the spirits delights in telling Sonic he's too late.


  • There has been much speculation over why Sonic looked over to the antidote while Robotnik wasn't looking, even stretching out his hand. It has been theorised that Sonic may have actually grabbed the potion, planning to restore Kintobor one day.  According to Nigel Kitching, the script called for this to be left ambiguous.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Mystic Mountain. The next is Heart of Evil.

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