Mr Oldfash was a fictional Boomer who sent in a letter to the Issue 1 edition of Speedlines. In this letter, Oldfash complained about their being yet another gaming magazine and was worried aboout Sonic the Comic "poisoning" the world with the "damaging, narrow-minded" technology. Megadroid responded that STC is a "first, a new comic for the new video game age" and suggested he stick to something exciting like "Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley".

The letter was little more than an excuse to push the reasoning behind the comic and to get the "cool" kids on STC's side against the "uncool" old people of the world. Megadroid's response even failed to address Oldfash's claims, instead reinforcing his worries that technology is single-minded. For his "effort", Oldfash did not receive a Sonic 2 Badge.

Oldfash is short for "old-fashioned".

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