The Museum of Arty Art is an attraction in the Eldorado Zone dedicated to "arty" pieces of artwork. Two named sculptures include the Golden Handshake and the Bronze Monkey, as well as a "thinking" Doctor Robotnik. Paintings include:

In reality, all of these paintings were by Carl Flint and John M Burns.

Sonic the Comic Online then went on to show that the museum either contained paintings by Richard Elson, Nigel Dobbyn, Roberto Corona and Nigel Kitching or were portraits of the artists. These four pictures were stolen by Bleed, a member of The Family, during his crime spree. Previous to this, the museum had also been targeted by Loot the Treasure Seeker, so Tails and Harry Mole were called in to investigate the thefts.

The Museum of Arty Art is curated by a stuffy, middle-aged man who is very protective of his "priceless" exhibits. The museum also has an aardvark security guard/cleaner, but he seems to be quite poor at his job.


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