Mystery Villain

Tails is grabbed by one angry Badnik... Art by Mike Hadley and Steve White.

is a complete story starring Tails, featuring in Issue 83.



Tails is flying through the Grim Zone, sad that this area once contained fields before Doctor Robotnik came along with his factories. Before he can think too much, he's attacked by a fast Badnik. Betwen firing laser blasts at Tails, this foe pledges revenge, but Tails doesn't know who it is. The Badnik reveals that the fox and his friends made him who he is, Tails retorting that it was Robotnik who turned him into a Badnik. The robot isn't impressed, affirming its loyalty to its master, before throwing Tails to the ground for telling a bad joke. Tails manages to turn his tails just in time to avoid a massive headache. Pondering who must be inside the robot shell, Tails tries to go on the offensive, but is sent packing by several more blasts. Getting tired, Tails "parks" himself in front of a tall chimney, mocking the Badnik for not being able to hit him. Enraged, the robot fires, but with Tails dodging, the chimney is hit instead and topples towards the Badnik.

The person in the Badnik reveals herself to be Metamorphia! She begins to cry, scared after failing Robotnik yet another time. Metamorphia confesses that she used to idolise Robotnik, but her failures led to her powers being taken away and turned into a Badnik. She now hates Robotnik for being so cruel and mean. At this statement, she begins to transform, even though her powers no longer exist. Her new form is a young, carefree bear, not a bad bone in her body. With this transformation, Robotnik won't be able to track Metamorphia down and she can start new a life.


  • Tails addresses Metamorphia as a separate person to this new bear, suggesting that Metamorphia is a name given to her because of her powers.
  • Metamorphia attacks Tails for telling jokes, perhaps a self-reference to Stringer's use of jokes and puns in his stories.


This story is reprinted in Issue 182.


The previous Tails story is Changing Times. The next is Sneaker Seeker.

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