The latest model of Metallix to appear in Sonic the Comic Online, again created by Grimer. Like the original, the Neo Metallix was based on Sonic the Hedgehog, at least as its default appearance. It has so far only appeared in issues 247 and 248.


Neo Metallix was created by Grimer to aid in his plan to destroy Sonic's reputation. With the KBC misleading the public with its televised slander, the Neo Metallix was deployed under the guise of Sonic to provide evidence to back up Kane's lies. It announced to the world that 'Sonic' would be the new ruler of Mobius and launched a Mega Mack bomb at the Green Hill Zone. The real Sonic managed to stop the bomb and was apprehended shortly afterwards. When the Freedom Fighters arrived to rescue him, the Neo Metallix had already taken his place in the holding cell. As they made their getaway, it attacked them and damaged their hovercraft before making its escape to an underground volcano in the Hill Top Zone, where it had imprisoned the real Sonic. There, it tormented Sonic for days without the hedgehog being able to damage its liquid metal form. Eventually, Sonic tried aggitating the volcano and triggered an eruption. He managed to escape through a fissure in the rock, managing to outrun the rising lava and Metallix, which was destroyed when the lava engulfed it.

Appearance and Abilities

The Neo Metallix's default appearance resembles Sonic much like the original, but with obvious differences. Its forearms and forelegs appear thicker and the head is larger with five spikes, giving the head a star shape.

Neo Metallix is made from a fluidic polymimetic alloy, allowing it to shapeshift and assume other identities. Its shapeshifting also enables it to change its size, as it is seen at both Sonic's height and as a giant that towers over the hero. It is fully flight capable, carries the standard ray weapon that all Metallix units possess, and a lightning weapon that delivers a lethal electrical charge.


  • The Neo Metallix's appearance is based on Metal Sonic's upgraded form, Neo Metal Sonic, featured in the Sonic Heroes video game. That robot was also polymimetic.

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