New Image is a Sonic's World complete story, first appearing in Issue 84 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in the Total Sonic Special.



Sonic the Hedgehog is running at top speed through (what seems like) the Metropolis Zone. His relaxing run is interrupted by Sneaky and Snooty, business partners in the industry of self-improvement and they reckon Sonic needs a new look. Of course, Sonic refuses, but he is forced to reconsider when Sneaky shows him a picture of Amy Rose, tied-up. Since they won't divulge her location, Sonic reluctantly wears an anorak sporting Sneaky & Snooty's logo as part of a sponsorship deal. The meeting is broken up by a Badnik attack. Sonic struggles to fight the Buzzer threat, the anorak slowing him right down. Fortunately, he's helped out when an arrow rips right through one of the robots. Amy has broken free, mainly thanks to the villains' ineptitude at tying knots. Free, Sonic tears off his coat and destroys the remaining Badnik.

In a hurry to escape, Sneaky accidentally reveals that they work for Doctor Robotnik, which Sonic overhears. Despite Snooty's protests, the duo are tied together and sent to Citadel Robotnik. The tyrant is furious at their failure and decides to turn them into Badniks. On a rooftop, Sonic shrugs off the suggestion that he was worried about Amy, merely making a statement that perfection can't be improved.



The previous Sonic's World story was Revolution. The next is Scream Theme Park.

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