Livid Pet

The Chao are more than the mere toys they are marketed as. Art by Mauro Fonseca.

Night of the Livid Pet is a two-part Sonic's World story beginning in Issue 269 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story: L. T. Fletcher

Art: Mauro Fonseca and Tom Campbell

Letters: Michael Corker


The story opens with a television advertising strange toys called Chao. They are presented as mysterious creatures who can absorb the properties of almost any item they interact with.

In the Metropolis Zone's Museum of Mobian Machinery, Tails and Amy are part of a tour group. The group is led to the newest exhibition, one filled with deactivated Badniks from Doctor Robotnik's first and second attempted conquests of Mobius, donated to the museum by the Freedom Fighters after a clean-up and salvage operation. Though the tour guide is enthused, most of the patrons are only interested in whether the gift shop sells Chao. Dejected, the guide points them in the direction of the neighbouring toy shop. Tails and Amy stay to enjoy the exhibit and cheer up the guide.

Next door in the toy shop, the Cashier (a sheep) and Assistant (a bulldog) running the shop are making big money off Chao, which are selling out quickly to the hordes of customers. The Assistant heads to the stock room for more supplies. The stock room is, in reality, a series of cages and the Chao are no mere toys- they're living creatures! The Assistant reaches into a cage to retrieve a Chao but, to his surprise, the determined Chao transforms, taking on the Assistant's own massive teeth and chomps down into his arm! The Assistant stumbles back in pain, bumping into the emergency cage door release switch, unleashing the entire room's contents of Chao upon the shop's customers!

Back in the museum, Tails reflects on the past. He sees the Badniks as a reminder that the heroes have always won before, even though he was frightened when they first appeared. Nevertheless, Tails seems glum, as if he doubts the heroes can keep on winning forever. Amy assures her friend they can defeat anything thrown at them. The two are startled by a noise behind them- they turn to see the room is now full of Chao who have taken on the properties of the Badniks!

The Chao start unleashing all sorts of Badnik attacks on Tails and Amy, who deftly dodge the continued assault. Taking the action outside, Amy comes to the conclusion the Chao are no mere toys. Amy and Tails encounter a group of Mobians who ask for their help fighting back against the Chao but Tails tells them not to fight! He reasons that the Chao only attacked because they are frightened- eyeing the fleeing Cashier and Assistant, carrying the money they scammed off their customers, it doesn't take Tails long to work out who did the scaring!

Tails demands an explanation from the bad guys but they flee in opposite directions, leaving Tails momentarily caught off guard. The villains shout that Tails can't be in two places at once. Tails, noticing an errant Chao, has an idea. Chasing after the Assistant, Tails easily snatches up the toothy bulldog and apprehends him. The Assistant tells Tails there's no way he'll catch his accomplice- Tails replies asking who said that was his plan. At the same time, down an alleyway, the Cashier attempts escape but, looking up, sees Tails' silhouette in the sky! As she is returned to the front of the shop, where Tails has her partner tied up, it turns out Tails made contact with the Chao and turned it into a mini-Tails to catch the wicked ewe!

The next week, the museum is bustling with children and other attendees all thrilling to the latest exhibit- "Freedom Fighters: A Tribute", complete with an enormous statue of Tails and Amy as the centrepiece! Tails asks Amy where she sent the Chao and Amy replies she left them in the care with a friend. On the Floating Island, Tikal is thrilled to be looking after the Chao! Knuckles, on the other hand, is having a slightly worse time of it, being overpowered by the cute critters and dumped in a lake!


  • As a bonus easter egg, artist The KKM gave some of the Chao the appearance of numerous video game and anime characters.
  • In another easter egg, several characters in this story are based on unused character concepts from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games.


The previous Sonic's World story was Final Glory. The previous Tails story in continuity was Small Screen Scream! but The War Machine was the most recently concluded. The previous Amy Rose story was Amy vs. Tekno the Cybernik. The next Sonic's World story is Wreckage.

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