The ninja grasshoppers, art by Mike Corker

Ninjas are ancient warriors shrouded in mystery. Most are trained assassins hired or bred to kill specific targets. Their traits are to blend in with crowds or shadows and strike, preferably so that nobody knew they were there. Although they often fight with a sword or blade, they also specialise in other weapons such as shurikens, sais and, some say, magic.

Several ninjas have appeared in the pages of Sonic the Comic, most of them in the Sega Superstars entries:

  • The whole premise of the Shinobi (another word for ninja) series is ninjas, with protagonist Joe Musashi being one. Trained in the ways of bushido by his sensei, Musashi spent many years training to retrieve his girlfriend, Naoko, who was kidnapped by evil ninja organisation, the Neo Zeed. The whole corporation is littered with trained ninjas, from the lowly footsoldiers to the highly-ranked Four Elements and The Void.
  • Ninjas were once under the employ of Hawk, villain of the first Streets of Rage story. Four of them were first sent to the apartment of Max Hatchet, but fared poorly at first. Two of them fired crossbows into each other while a third was knocked out by dummbells. The final ninja managed to act stealthily enough, putting Max to sleep with a dart from around a corner. Two more ninjas were sent to decapitate Axel Stone while at City Hospital, but a badly-injured Axel fought them off, later declaring that "ninjas are wimps".

Sonic the Comic Online

Although not many non-Sonic comics have appeared in Sonic the Comic Online, ninjas have found their way into the online continuation through the main series:

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