No Future is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 112 of Sonic the Comic.



It's business usual on Planet Mobius as Sonic trashes two Badniks in two seconds. Unfortunately, there's a new threat on the case and this one seems deadlier. Believing that the Badnik meant to perform a sneak attack, Sonic responds by rushing in to avoid the Badnik's tentacles but is hit by a hidden ray. Sonic begins to feel numb and floats through a yellow limbo until he crash-lands in a grey and miserable world. Citizens Gaz and Del don't seem to recognise the spiky hero and laugh at him when he says he's Sonic the Hedgehog, informing him that Sonic was defeated a thousand years ago. Sonic begins to despair when he begins to realise that this is the year 2997! The hedgehog supposes the Badnik sent him into the future, but is distracted when a Badnik begins to bully a citizen. What's odd is that the people seem to enjoy being picked on. One person reveals that it is an honour to be beaten up by a Badnik. Utterly perplexed, Sonic rushes in and smashes the Badnik. Unfortunately, the people of 2997 don't appreciate Sonic's actions, one little boy beginning to cry because he didn't get to be bullied. Sonic says he did it to rescue them but they don't want to be rescued, throwing things at the hedgehog to get him to return home.

As the people continue to enjoy being treated like slaves, Gaz and Del tells Sonic he might as well give up fighting Doctor Robotnik in the past, since he wins in the end anyway. However, Sonic doesn't believe a word of it and reaches out in front of him, pulls and breaks the 1997 Badnik's tentacles! Sonic guessed that the Badnik implanted false images of a hopeless future to discourage him from fighting. To stop the same thing happening again, Sonic trashes the Badnik and reveals that he knew it was an illusion after seeing the people of Mobius acting like losers. Sonic warns Robotnik that the virtual future has only made him more determined that he'll never control Mobius again.


  • 'Spiky' is misspelled as 'spikey'.
  • It doesn't make much sense that people would still know about Sonic a thousand years into the future, especially if Doctor Robotnik didn't want anybody to remember his bravery and rise up against him.
  • It is suggested that the Badnik is controlling Sonic by being connected to the tentacles, but Sonic disconnects them and it looks as if the tentacles were touching each other, completely ignoring Sonic.
  • Similarly, if everything was just in his head, reaching out in front of him shouldn't have allowed him to tear the tentacles off.
  • The Badnik attempts to shoot Sonic again, despite the hedgehog knowing how to get out of the trap instantly.
  • Sonic gives Robotnik a message despite there being no obvious presence of an Egg Cam.


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