Art by Mike Corker

The Ocean Falls Zone is the aristocratic Zone neighbouring the Coal Creek Zone and lies somewhere near the Diamond Fjord Zone. The region, filled with voles, is a largely tranquil region that enjoys nothing more but to have their afternoon tea in peace.

From what has been seen of the Zone, the area is a wide-open green region surrounded by mountains. Waterfalls cascade from several of these peaks, flowing into meandering rivers and lakes. The only thing that breaks up the sprawling nature of the fields are bushes planted to provide both natural beauty and strategical camouflage should it be required. In the centre of the tranquility is the Council Building, where the Ocean Falls Zone Leader (and assistant Harvey) run proceedings.

At some point in the new century, the Freedom Fighters were informed that the militaristic Coal Creek Zone wished to make peace with their Ocean Falls neighbours. However, after Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary arrived to discover that Nack the Weasel was now in charge, they learned that Coal Creek actually wanted to conquer and occupy Ocean Falls. Amy and Tekno stole a stag ship and fled to Ocean Falls but were shot down close to their destination. A fight broke out between the heroes and the stags, but was eventually broken up by the Zone Leader (thanks to Tekno sending him details before they crashed) and the Coal Creek General. Keen to avoid conflict, the General took Nack home and the Freedom Fighters waited until after afternoon tea to ask for a lift home.


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