Sonic's in the sights of "Savage Skunk"

Not to be confused with the Zone of the same name.

Odour Zone is a Double Sonic complete story, appearing in Issue 72 of Sonic the Comic. It featured the first, and so far only, appearance of the Underground Movement.



Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are called to a green area of Mobius, where something massive has been trashing everything in its path, leaving felled trees in its wake. Leaving Tails behind to clear up the mess, Sonic follows the trail of destruction to the Odour Zone, an area believed to be insignificant to Doctor Robotnik. One of the skunk inhabitants reveals that their leader, Marcel Skunk, was caught attempting to sabotage Robotnik's Badniks and turned into one of the biggest Badniks ever! Realising it's not such a great thing for Robotnik to own a huge weapon, Sonic speeds off to tackle this huge beast. Unfortunately, he is quickly caught in a net whilst running through a tunnel (perhaps into Robotnik's base). Sonic turns around and quickly sees the huge, looming figure of "Savage Skunk" ready to fire at him. The skunk's laser blast hits Sonic, but also burns the trap around him, giving Sonic space to run. Robotnik believes he's cowardly running away, but the hedgehog is merely getting up some space to hit 'smelly' with a Spin Attack. Sonic makes contact and the ensuing explosion blocks Robotnik's view of the back-to-normal Marcel. As usual, Robotnik speeds off before things get worse and Sonic has saved the day again!


  • The story is scripted by Mark Millar, who provided a few of the earliest Sonic stories and the first two Streets of Rage series.
  • Sonic calls Robotnik a 'skunk' - it's obviously meant as an insult, particularly a smelly one, but may not have been the wisest of moves while standing in the palm of the biggest skunk in the world...
  • The Odour Zone is never seen again, and neither is Marcel, despite being a formidable weapon.
  • This story is listed as an "Extra Sonic story." It is possibly a precursor to the Double Sonic series.
  • The story is 6 pages long, unusual when most are either 5 or 7 in length.


This is the first Double Sonic story. The next is Zero Zone.

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