Art by Mike White

The old crone is a member of a village somewhere near Yuria in The Legend of the Golden Axe. The old man (or woman, it isn't exactly clear) is obsessed with rotting flesh, with every speech bubble they use containing a reference to "rottin'". When Ax-Battler was knocked out by a rock and presumed dead, the old crone was very excited about putting him in the stocks and watching him rot. Although disappointed that Ax was actually alive, the old crone was very helpful and revealed that his friends, Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead, would be rotting in the "City-Doll of Dead Sows" at Auropolis, home of Sorcerer Blackspell. After Ax acquired a Bizarrian, the barbarian gave the old crone a coin, but s/he reacted unfavourably to it, since coins don't rot. "Only flesh rot real good".


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