Jin and Jade preparing for their adventure

Olympic Zone is a feature unique to Sonic the Poster Mag 2007 that saw artist Hume Jin Chan Yum Wai visit his family in Beijing in the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. While there, Jin played Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and kept a photo diary.

After an introduction where Jin initially believed the game to be an April Fool's Day prank, the Hume got into beating the game's "world records". After smashing these, he went online to check the real world records, only to discover that "BS" of Jamaica had achieved a world record in the 100m sprint of 9.266 seconds, almost half a second faster than Jin. He and his sister Jade attempted "about 100 times" (adorned with Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog hats) to beat the record, but only came as close as 9.65 seconds.

Defeated, the pair headed out into the crowds and saw an inspiration poster for the real Olympics. While out, a "crazy old lady" harassed them to buy fake Olympic merchandise, but was instead convinced to pose for a photograph. After travelling down the street and seeing a real merch store, the pair were motivated to try for the record. To prepare, Jin began a strict training regime, involving running 3km on a treadmill (accompanied by Wii accessories and a Yoshi doll), followed by "Wiight" lifting and separate work on rowing and weight machines.

Later, they returned home and, after a gruelling session, set a new record of 9.435 seconds. This result put Jin 1835th in the world. Although nowhere near the world record, it put the artist in the top 7% of the world. Having found the Olympic spirit, Jin swore to eventually catch that record.


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