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Oscura is a villain who made his first and so far only appearance in Out of Psyche, Out of Mind in Sonic the Comic Online.
Oscura is a praying mantis who works for The Family as a psychologist, and is the Don's top lieutenant. He is equipped with psychic powers which he uses to get inside peoples' heads, in more ways than one, as well as sustain limited flight, not to mention some degree of telekinetic ability. In his own words, he specialises in analysing his enemies' weaknesses, then using his powers to tear down their emotional walls. He claims to have brainwashed many over the years, including police, lawyers and judges, though this could just be confident bragging. He also has a wather pwominent speech impediment, which won't go away even when using someone else's voice.
In his debut appearance, Oscura was part of the penultimate phase of The Family's plan to assassinate Sonic. His mission was to drive Sonic insane by playing on the hedgehog's deep-seated fears and weak points. Once Oscura was successful, Harvestman would be able to take Sonic out with minimal to no resistance. A key part of this plan was for Oscura to use his Mind-Swap technique to switch mind and body with Sonic. This was essential in playing on Sonic's weaknesses, which Oscura had worked out beforehand. How he managed this is unknown, but it's possible that he may have learned a few things from Zip, who was hiding within Tails' fur before the Mind-Swap. Oscura had deduced that Sonic's fears included immense bodies of water (either referring to Chaos, or Sonic's inability to swim), anything large and flying (brought on by the Death Egg), being unable to save people, enemies with his powers and face, and having to watch Amy settle for someone else. Harvestman, a spider, which Sonic is genuinely scared of, coming to kill him would be the final touch. Oscura played on all these anxieties at once, creating a massive illusion of flying whales flooding the cities, putting himself in Sonic's body and giving people the illusion of being romantically involved with Amy.
Sonic, in Oscura's real body, was able to bypass every one of these attempts however. The whales didn't feel real enough to him, and as for the Death Egg, he proudly stated that he was never afraid of the Death Egg, liked the challenges and still does, and he is throughly fed up with the girlfriend assumption thing regarding Amy. Sonic is however momentarily stunned when a still confident Oscura takes on the forms of Johnny Lightfoot and Chaos. Sonic was ultimately unfazed though, as Oscura wasn't the first enemy to try and use the blue blur's nightmares against him. Beaten for the time being, Oscura reversed the Mind-Swap on Sonic and Tails and departed, stating that Sonic should have just let them kill him, as it would have been better than what's coming for him.
Oscura hasn't been seen since and it is unknown where he is now, what he's up to or if he'll even return.

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