Art by Team Mobius

The Ossagras Asteroid Belt is the home of several colonies (of unknown origin) that appears in the Sonic the Comic Online story The Universe Game. The belt is a heavily-built up city somewhere near the planet of Necropolis and staged one of the rounds of the Universe Game between Lumina Flowlight and The Void. One particular colony held the most ferocious battle, with The Void's mercenaries heavily defeating Lumina's after Sonic the Hedgehog's defeat against Turbo. However, Sonic and Turbo escaped their cell and destroyed all of The Void's henchmen. In order to save the universe, Lumina prepared to destroy the galaxy, including the colonies, but Sonic and Turbo ended the game by thumping The Void directly in the face.


  • Ossagras is Sargasso spelled backwards. The Sargasso Sea is a region in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which is the only sea in the world without any coastline. In popular culture, it frequently represents isolation and mystery.

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