Sonic and Zip plan their next moves

Out of Psyche, Out of Mind is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story, beginning in Issue 241 of Sonic the Comic Online.



The Freedom Fighters have been given an anonymous tip-off, revealing the location of The Family's main base. Tails is skeptical, but he and Sonic the Hedgehog have come to Hell's Pantry, a rough area of the Metropolis Zone. Sonic only came along because it had been a slow day - the alternative was watching Tails play charades with Porker Lewis. Their discussion is interrupted by the appearance of Oscura, a member of The Family. Sonic incorrectly presumes him to be Don Long-Legs, but decides to use a Spin Attack on him anyway. His attack is foiled by a dazzling green light, which seems to wind Sonic and knocks him to the floor. However, when he gets up, he realises that his mind has been implanted into Oscura's body, and vice-versa. With his new powers, Oscura speeds out of the warehouse, leaving Sonic and 'Tails' wondering what to do next. Oscura is busy charging through the Zone, happy with his speed, but less so about his speech impediment, which still exists.

Elsewhere, Harvestman is on his way to destroy Sonic once and for all. At least, he would be, if he hadn't been stopped for drink-driving by Police Chief Bodger. Oscura has attracted lots of attention; half the crowd still idolise Sonic and regard him as a hero, whilst the others are much more wary of him, knowing he was responsible for the creation of Doctor Robotnik. The loud meeting has got the attention of Sonic and Tails, finding their target. Standing on a podium, Oscura (still appearing like Sonic) addresses the crowd, insisting that Kane and the Kane Broadcasting Company are trying to bring his name into disrepute and only wanting to make money. The speech has got the attention of Amy Rose, who is promptly dragged onto the stage and labelled as Sonic's "girlfriend", by "Sonic" himself! As the crowd warm to this lovely couple, the real Sonic scoffs at this imposter, but Tails just insults the hedgehog. Fed up, Sonic turns on 'Tails', catching on to the fact that his friend's mind is elsewhere. Amy talks to Oscura, congratulating him on his speech, but the scene is disturbed by the appearance of.. giant flying whales.

As Amy wonders whether they're here for good or evil, one whale declares that the "time for judgement is here" and "all Mobians shall be destroyed." Amy whips out her crossbow, but Oscura laughs, wondering if she's just going harpoon the whales. In response, the invaders unleash a torrent of water, sending great waves at the citizens. Sonic, in the body of a mantis, threatens Oscura, fully aware that only he can stop this danger. The whales taunt Sonic and his fear of water, goading him into worrying about the Mobians drowning. However, Sonic has sussed out that this doesn't feel real and attacks Oscura again, just as the 'hedgehog' proposes to a confused Amy. Oscura reveals that he is a psychologist, who analyses the fears and weaknesses of his foes and uses them against them. Doing this to Sonic, he plans to turn him into a gibbering wreck, before Harvestman arrives to kill him. His plan unfolds, as the whales are supposed to represent Sonic's deep fear of the Death Egg. A furious Sonic lashes out at Oscura but the enemy simply chuckles. Sonic is adamant that none of those things scare him, but Oscura plants further images of Johnny Lightfoot and Chaos into his mind to enrage him further.

Sonic finally ends this by declaring he is not scared, bothered or intimidated by Oscura, causing the mind-swap to fall apart. Sonic and Oscura return to their own bodies, with Tails and Zip also returning to their rightful places. Oscura leaves the scene, informing Sonic that death would have been preferable to what awaits him.


  • Sonic lets Oscura leave the scene of the crime completely free of charge, despite the criminal severely messing with his mind and causing great danger for everyone!
  • Harvestman is established as a spider: Oscura says that's why he was going to kill Sonic (who is arachnophobic). Oddly, he's only got six limbs.
  • Oscura boasts that he's brainwashed judges, lawyers, and police officers "over the years". Presumably he's done it on Mobius too...
  • Sonic's nightmares include a fear of water, enemies with his own face, Johnny's death, large flying objects and, most significantly, watching Amy settle for somebody else. He denies being bothered by his adventures and that he has anything for Amy, but not very convincingly...
  • Sonic and Oscura switch eye colours when they swap minds; an artistic shorthand, as nobody comments on it.
  • Garfield the cat is at the back of the crowd in Part 1.
  • In Part 2, a whale smashes his head through a building in a homage to Perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure.
  • Given an enraged curse uttered by Harvestman, it's possible that the Family, or at least some of the insect refugees, may worship the Tantaror, specifically Ekkletos. Or this may just be a creative curse on Jamie J's part...


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Dicing With Death. The next is The Debt Collectors.

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