This article is about the Amy Rose story. For the Sonic the Hedgehog story, see Out of Time!.

Out of Time is a 2-part Amy Rose story, beginning in Issue 140, as part of the Eternity Ring story arc. It also sees the return of minor villain, Colonel Granite.



Kansas, Earth. The year is 1870, the time of the Wild West. What seems to be Butch Cassidy is robbing a stagewagon, holding the sheriff at gunpoint. The situation seems hopeless, until Amy and Tekno the Canary appear from nowhere. Instantly realising who the culprit is this time, the heroes tackle Butch and save the sheriff. The human doesn't seem too phased about these strangers, welcoming them to America. He's seen stranger, after the appearance of "tin men" in the desert. Tekno realises that this is why they are here and decides to fly to the scene of the disturbances to investigate. Once there, one robot quickly spots the airborne canary and shoots her down. It looks like it's all over for Tekno until Amy rides onto the scene on horseback - she's the new deputy! With her partner here to help, Tekno aids Amy in making light work of the machines, although wondering why they're here at all. The question is answered by a materalising Colonel Granite, returning from 1998 to face his old foes!

Granite still likes the "aliens" just as much as their meeting, ignoring the fact he's in the wrong time period altogether. He reveals his masterplan; by researching time travel, he plans to bring his 1998 army to invade 1870 America, where they will be powerless to stop him. He will be the new master of the world, something Amy and Tekno don't want to happen. Granite orders them to be executed, but the sheriff returns in the nick of time. Shooting the gun of one of the soldiers, Granite is momentarily distracted, allowing the girls to push Granite back into his time machine, with the heroes joining them. Back in 1998, Granite grabs Amy and forces Tekno to load the co-ordinates for Mobius into the system. Granite plans to invade the planet and wipe out all of their kind. Despite this revelation, Tekno does so. However, Amy reverses Granite's hold on her and throws him to the ground. They then jump through the machine; Granite plans to follow but the machine explodes shortly after, the self-destruct being activated. Fortunately for him, they have a back-up copy, so the mission to invade Mobius can still go ahead.


  • The minor antagonist, Butch, is probably based on infamous train and bank robber Butch Cassidy. If the characters are supposedly identical, this would make Butch 4 years old since his birth was in 1866.
  • The girls remember Granite from "last year" and he gives the current year as 1998: a rare example of the comic explicitly occuring in 'real time'.
  • The sheriff correctly identifies the heroes as 'ladies', despite never having seen aliens before. Amy's pink fur and Tekno's earrings may have given the game away.
  • Tekno is shot down by a robot, despite the blast missing her and going under her arm.
  • Earth Attacks follows this story after a passage of time.


The previous Amy & Tekno story was Future Distractions. The next is Day One.

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