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Perfect Chaos!
is the ninth strip in the Sonic Adventure story arc, appearing in Issue 183 of Sonic the Comic.



Two hooded figures stand on a cliff top looking out at Robotnik's Retreat, which is pulsating with Chaos energy. The figures lower their hoods, revealing themselves to be Ebony and a dying Super Sonic, who is in desperate need of a recharge. Super Sonic plans to go to the retreat alone, but Ebony refuses, taking the lead. Inside, as Sonic pulls himself together following his return to the present day, Chaos continues to absorb the Chaos Emeralds. Grimer begs Robotnik to stop Chaos, but Robotnik refuses, pointing out that Grimer was the one who released the monster in the first place. Chaos completes his absorption of the Emeralds, mutating into his monstrous Perfect form and proceeds to reshape Robotnik's retreat into a form more to his liking. Sonic launches an attack upon Chaos, bypassing the creature's fear effect by focusing on his own rage and managing to retrieve a Chaos Emerald. Again, Grimer beseeches Robotnik to put a stop to it, but Robotnik repeats that he has no plan, anticipating the end for all gathered and acknowledging his own insanity. As Sonic battles on, Super Sonic and Ebony join the fray. Ebony tries to convince Sonic that Super Sonic is harmless, but Super himself states that Sonic will never believe her. Upon realising why Ebony and Super have come, even though they knew nothing of Chaos, Sonic vows that he won't let his alter-ego near Chaos, not knowing what could happen when he returns to full strength. Unfortunately, Super Sonic quickly hurls himself into the belly of the beast and proceeds to absorb the Chaos energy.


  • This strip marks the return to the comic for both Ebony and Super Sonic, albeit the latter still being a pacifist.
  • Nigel Kitching's script used the title "Chaos Reigns".
  • The final form of Chaos actually resembles "Chaos 6" from Sonic Adventure".


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was War of the Worlds!. The next story was Point of No Return!

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