Plasma is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story, appe

Face to face with the master of electrons (and positive ions). Art by Richard Elson.

aring in Issue 78 of Sonic the Comic.



Things are going from bad to worse for the people of Metropolis City. Due to a recent attack on a statue, Doctor Robotnik has come down hard on his "followers", arresting them for little or no reason. Furious that people think he's going "soft", he plans to make people fear the mere mention of his name. In a poor part of town, prisoners wait to be taken to a Badnik Processing Plant. Fortunately for three of them, their stay in prison is ended by the appearance of the Freedom Fighters. Disposing of the last of the Troopers, Sonic the Hedgehog and Johnny Lightfoot appear, closely followed by Amy Rose. Sonic is clearly disgruntled when one of the prisoners calls Amy "Sonic's girlfriend" and is further annoyed when Johnny calls her useful, watching her blast open the bars of the cell. Their joy is short-lived; the prisoners only just manage to escape before their guard arrives - Plasma, master of electrons, followed by Arnem Abacus. As the villains boast about the two million reward money they plan to receive after capturing Sonic, the hedgehog leaps at Plasma, only to find himself on the other side of him, electrocuted by the beast. He then tries a "Sonic-Cyclone", but the pure-energy foe simply blasts Sonic aside. As Plasma continues to lay into a clueless Sonic, Amy encourages Sonic to keep going.

Sonic returns to his fight as Amy sneaks up on Abacus. The meek scientist tells Amy to join in with the battle to help Sonic, which is exactly what she's doing by knocking Arnem out. Grabbing his control box, she's realised that Abacus is controlling Plasma with it and stamps on it. Instantly, the connection is cut and Plasma disappears as Sonic goes in for a punch. Amy rushes over to Sonic and congratulates him for ending Plasma. Sonic is momentarily puzzled, not quite sure how he did it, but quickly regains his composure as he goes to accept praise from the prisoners. Johnny isn't fooled, however, and asks Amy why she's letting Sonic take the glory. Amy admits she doesn't want the spotlight to be on her - Sonic's the hero of Mobius and it's important for people to think he did it.


  • Plasma and Arnem Abacus return in Showdown as villains thought up by Robotnik.
  • This story is one of the strips where Kitching attempted to write Amy in his own way. However, editorial pressure from Deborah Tate to make Amy a female role model resulted in the hedgehog making much fewer appearance in Kitching's stories.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Voice of the People. The next is Return to the Miracle Planet.

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