Art by Stephen Bliss

Poodle Noodle is a snack in the world of Pirate S.T.C.. It mirrors two real world snacks; like 'Pot Noodle', the dish is served in a plastic bot, but more closely resembles 'Super Noodles' in terms of the meal just being noodles. The only known flavour is "Essence of Haddock", although either a variation of the food or the full name is Poodle Noodle Aura. The product and the people advertising it were swallowed up by Skull and spat out into the front room of a couch potato family.



  • Poodle Noodle's advertising slogan "We all adore Poodle Noodle aura!" is a parody of a real slogan used by Kia-Ora fruit squash.

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