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Sonic puts the Power Sneakers through their paces.

Sonic does not need any technological enhancements to create his super-speed - he's able to run fast with or without his shoes- but the Power Sneakers are nonetheless a crucial part of his equipment. The unique material allows Sonic to let loose and run flat-out to reach the farthest edge of his incredible potential - without flaying his feet to the bone through friction burns!

The Power Sneakers were given to Sonic as a gift from Doctor Kintobor. It was during a treadmill-test of the Sneakers that Sonic first broke the sound barrier, and the extreme forces involved streamlined him into his present blue shape.



Sonic readies his arsenal.

  • Sonic has multiple pairs of Power Sneakers - be reassured that he can't be defeated and be perpetually stunted by something so basic as someone making off with his shoes!

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