Art by Keith Page

Princess Shelly is the current ruler of Elhorn. The opossum was one of many (or everyone) who was subjected to King Gedol and his hypnotic rule over the kingdom. In her altered state, Shelly, then a prisoner in Castle Zebulan, agreed to become Gedol's wife in order for the two to rule the planet together. It was said that death was the punishment for anybody who uttered Shelly's name.

In 1995, Sparkster returned from his travels and made Shelly's chambers his first visit. The knight's enchanted armour cleared the incantation from Shelly's mind and the princess was able to tell all about Gedol's evil plan. Unfortunately, when Sparkster moved away from her, the spell returned and Shelly called for guards to remove Sparkster from the premises. She then announced to her former lover that she and Gedol were to be married. Later, preparations for the wedding began, with Shelly being fitted with a new dress and was introduced to Stubb, Gedol's grumpy mother.

At the wedding ceremony, Stubb decided she wouldn't provide the rings for the wedding, figuring that Shelly was too skinny and had no meat on her. Before the finalities could happen, Sparkster managed to break the spell on Elhorn's citizens and Shelly refused to marry her potential King. With the crowd turning ugly, Gedol captured Shelly and took her to the top of a tall building. However Shelly, refusing to be a hostage, kicked away from her captor and fell, only just managing to grab hold of a roof. Rather than taking the hand of Gedol, Shelly jumped from the building but was rescued by a flying Sparkster. With Gedol missing, Shelly was returned to the ground and as the rightful leader of the people.



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