Art by Richard Elson and Nigel Kitching

Pringle is a minor villain from Issue 140 story The Forgotten Badnik. Local researcher Pringle had conducted years of studies, his results ultimately leading him to a secret base, once belonging to Doctor Robotnik, right next to the Emerald Hill Zone. Accompanied by Sonic the Hedgehog and his list of access codes, Pringle ventured into the base and discovered a prototype Trooper Badnik. He then proceded to knock Sonic out and activated the Badnik with his own set of codes. Pringle successfully ordered the soldier to attack Sonic, but struck out at Pringle once he commanded they leave. Low on energy, the Badnik attempted to use Pringle as an organic battery, but Sonic pulled him out of reach and away from the collapsing base. Pringle quickly expresses his surprise that Sonic would save him after the researcher just tried to save him.


  • Pringle is the source of a popular butchery, involving replacing him with the Pringles crisps logo, as well as one that altered the story so that Pringle didn't make it out alive.

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