Sonic sorts out the Drakon Prosecutor

Prisoner of War! is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story, first appearing in Issue 180 of Sonic the Comic, as the 6th part of the Sonic Adventure story arc.



Transported to the ancient past by Tikal, Sonic watches from atop a cliff as Knuckles leads an army of Echidnas into battle against a lone Drakon Prosecutor. Ensured that he'll be told why he's been brought there in due time, Sonic tries to offer advice to the Echidnas, but his shouts go unnoticed as they struggle against the Prosecutor, who is easily holding his own. Sonic steps in to help out and goes straight for the Prosecutor's head while verbally sparring with Knuckles. Eventually, Sonic is able to rip the Prosecutor's helmet off, revealing the Drakon's true form to the stunned Echidnas. Meanwhile, back in the present, Doctor Robotnik has moved to his mountain retreat with Grimer in tow. With his Chaos Resonator device, he has obtained the Master Emerald and the four remaining Chaos Emeralds, and is now anticipating the Chaos creature's eventual arrival. Back in the past, Sonic and the Echidnas have returned to the Echidnas' capital, Megopolis City, where the irate Prosecutor is being kept secure in a fountain. Sonic and Knuckles ponder on how Knuckles is still alive in the present day, before Tikal takes Sonic to meet her father, Pochacamac, the Echidnas' spiritual leader. Pochacamac promises that Sonic's questions will be answered, but he has something to show Sonic first: The Chaos Emeralds, which the Echidnas have stolen from the Drakons...


The previous Sonic story was Out of Time!. The next story was The Origin of Chaos!