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Proctor Speckle is a reknowned alchemist from Planet Meridian in the Special Zone. He made his first appearance in Sonic the Comic Issue 85 in the second part of Heroes & Villains. He was introduced by his alter-ego's name of Mister Fry, his own name not being revealed until Issue 91's Captain Plunder story, Shanghaied.


Proctor Speckle was introduced in Issue 85 as a member of the Sidewinder Gang. He has a rather frail appearance, with a tall and almost skeletal build with sickly green skin (he appears to be of the same species as Grimer), and he wears a grey pinstripe suit. During Heroes & Villains, Speckle transforms into his monstrous alter-ego Mister Fry in order to battle both the demonic Super Sonic and the heroic Chaotix Crew. He and his cohorts are clearly outmatched and make a swift getaway following the destruction of the Sidewinder mansion.

Speckle's only other appearance as himself is in Shanghaied, wherein Captain Plunder's crew kidnap him in order to press him into service on Plunder's ship. Unimpressed with his crew's efforts, Plunder locks Speckle in the hold where he breaks into the captain's supply of Old Carribean chocolate bars... and eats all of them. As punishment, Speckle is forced to walk the plank. When he hits the water, the stopper on one of his bottles of transformation serum comes loose and the alchemist manages to swallow some of it, transforming into Mister Fry. As Fry, he beats a nearby shark to death and climbs back aboard Plunder's ship with the shark in his mouth. After fighting off Plunder's whole crew, he actually offers his services to the captain. He makes steaks out of the shark he pummeled and tells Plunder he has no hard feelings about the captain wanting to kill off his weakling alter-ego. However, a short time later it turns out that the sharks also swallowed some of Speckle's serum when a trio of mutated sharks climb aboard the ship and attack. Mister Fry attacks the mutants, dragging Simpson into the fray and tearing up the ship's main sail. In the commotion, Fry turns back into Proctor Speckle and tries to sneak away. Captain Plunder throws Speckle back into the hold while he confronts the sharks, but Speckle escapes by using a crate of Plunder's Vintage Rum Truffles as a lifeboat and paddles back to New Tek City. Proctor Speckle has made no other appearances since Shanghaied, all subsequent stories featuring the Sidewinder Gang featuring only Mister Fry.


Proctor Speckle does not seem to possess any superpowers (except perhaps a freakishly high metabolism based on how quickly he devours Captain Plunder's sweets in Shanghaied). He is reknowned throughout New Tek City as a brilliant alchemist, having created the transformative elixir that changes him into Mister Fry.


  • Sonic the Comic Issue 85 - Heroes & Villains Part Two
  • Sonic the Comic Issue 91 - Shanghaied Part One
  • Sonic the Comic Issue 93 - Shanghaied Part Three

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