Art by Mike White

Proffit is a wizard trader from The Legend of the Golden Axe. For some reason, the merchant termed up at Auropolis (already knowing the names of Ax-Battler and Gilius-Thunderhead) and, with the help of his scrying pool, could tell that they needed a pair of fire dragon Bizarrians for their journey to the Corpselands. His price was twenty gold coins for his "fine beasts". His scrying pool also saw into the present, showing the two heroes that Sorcerer Blackspell was about to sacrifice Tyris-Flare to resurrect Dark Guld. They agreed to pay the salesman, although Ax wondered if they should have just killed him and stolen the dragons (it's not worth the aggro, according to Gilius).


  • Proffit's name is an obvious pun on the term 'profit', to gain additional money.


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