The pumpkins prepare to conquer the Internet. Art by Stiv.

Pumpkins (or pumpelkins, as Professor Frank N. Stein calls them), are a vegetable menace in three Decap Attack stories.

Prior to 1996, the residents of Castle Frank N. Stein had been losing their pumpkins for ten years in a row, becoming "ein grossen problem." Finally tired with their pumpkin infestation, they resorted to calling in Kevin of the Transylvanian Pest Controllers. The pumpkins were hiding in the attic and exited back into the house at the sight of Kevin. Chuck D. Head put up a good fight until Kevin captured them all with a giant net. They were locked up for the time-being, albeit one of them remaining on Chuck's shoulders in the place of Head.

They returned a year later to cause havoc and spread sarcasm throughout the castle. Deemed to be South Patagonian Red, homing pumpkins, Kevin returned to tell everyone they would've been better off with Northumbrian Gold, very polite and nomadic vegetables. The menaces were eventually foiled by Chuck and the gang dressing up as fruit, natural enemy of the vegetable.

In Sonic the Comic Online, they burst out of one many doors to take over The Internet.


  • In their first appearance, they didn't speak until one of the final panels. It wasn't until their second outing that they became surly and a nuisance.
  • If they are living beings, as they seem to be, then Chuck didn't seem to mind murdering them.
  • Frank called them "pumplekins" in their second appearance.


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