Art by Adamis and Pete Murphy

Ray the Flying Squirrel is a character from the video game Segasonic the Hedgehog. Identical to co-stars Sonic the Hedgehog and Mighty the Armadillo in gameplay, Ray never saw a full mention in Sonic the Comic apart from in News Zone (Issue 5 and Issue 17).

His in-story debut didn't Issue 239 of Sonic the Comic Online, when Ray cameoed in the background of the Casino Night Zone, watching as Herne lifted up a car. He received another cameo in Issue 254's Vane Hopes as he attempted to run away from the rampaging Egg Walker. He received a third cameo in Issue 259's Big the Cat Hits the Road! walking by Buddy's Bistro. This was quickly followed up by Issue 261's To the Hero of Mobius, where he was attacked by the Tar Titan.

Ray started to receive a little more story attention soon after. He was shown to be in The Groovy Train when Ebony decided to free Super Sonic in Issue 271's The Ending of Things!. The aftermath of this led to Issue 267's Unleashed, where Ray was shown to be one of a group of citizens being evacuated from the Emerald Hill Zone during the rampage of Super Sonic, finally suggesting that he is one of the Emerald Hill folk. Indeed, he received his first speaking role in Issue 269's Betrayal, chiding Choy as the latter did little to help reinforce Emerald Hill's defences in the wake of a pending Doctor Robotnik attack.

Ray went back to making non-speaking cameos as of The Sting and the opening scenes of The Battle for Drak. As part of the Issue 275 celebrations, he was included in one of the group pin-ups.

All of these appearances were drawn by Adamis.


  • Despite his name, Ray has never been seen to fly in his game or STC appearances.

In other media

As mentioned beforehand, Ray originates from the Segasonic the Hedgehog video game but appeared in fewer games than co-star Mighty. After a substantial absence, he is a playable character in the expanded edition of Sonic Mania.

Although he never appeared in Sonic the Comic, Ray was a supporting character in the Archie Comics continuity.

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