Art by Richard Elson

Receptionik (a portmanteau of Receptionist and Badnik) is a Badnik who worked at Citadel Robotnik as a receptionist. 'She' was the only known admin employee to work for Doctor Robotnik and thus carried out all administrative work. Her tasks seen in Sonic the Comic involved liaising with the caretaker department to fetch some bin-bags and taking calls from informants on the whereabouts of the Freedom Fighters. It is currently unknown what happened to Receptionik, but she probably remained at the Citadel until the electromagnetic pulse and was properly destroyed along with the Citadel thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog

An earlier model of Receptionik worked on the Egg Fortress but wasn't given a name. This version more closely resembled a younger girl, as opposed to Receptionik's motherly look, but was only seen once.


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