Art by Brian Williamson and Steve White

Red Stealth is one of the warrior forms taken by Casey in the Kid Chameleon series. Known as a "samurai warrior", Red Stealth is extremely talented with his sword and sai and is said to be a black belt in a dozen martial arts.

Casey accidentally transformed into Red Stealth when he muttered the word "Chameleon" in Wildside. The transformation instantly gifted with all the powers of his new persona and began to talk like a samurai warrior might. The change allowed him to easily defeat the farmland opposition he was previously running from. He soon began to struggle against a tank, but uttering the word "chameleon" along with stabbing the tank caused it to explode (the only time saying "chameleon" didn't transform him, unless he was depowered). Later, in the sewers, Red Stealth was prepared to leave dweller Fire-Breath along until he realised that he was holding Suzi, friend of Casey. The two engaged in battle, with the monster shrinking after being struck by the blade. Confident he could fight with his bare hands, Red Stealth gifted Suzi with his sword but soon found himself helpless. Fortunately, Suzi returned and killed the monster herself. Grateful, Casey planned to reveal himself as a schoolboy, but accidentally turned into Eyeclops.

Red Stealth appeared several other times. At the end of his first adventure, an image of Red Stealth appeared as part of Casey's determination, and reappeared in the (chronologically) next panel, where Casey remembered the previous fortnight's fun. The warrior also appeared in promotional material for the story, but looked quite different, with sleeves resembling a normal boy's, suggesting it was just the helmet that changed between each incarnation.


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