Art by Chris G

Return of the Cybernik! is a Sonic's World complete story appearing in Issue 232 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Shorty the Squirrel is visiting Tekno the Canary in her underground base, where the canary is putting the finishing touches to a new Cybernik suit, one that will allow Shorty to transform at will. Just as the finishing touches are put together, an alarm signals a monster attack in the Green Hill Zone. Shorty is keen to try out his new armour but, as the pair jet off to solve the problem, Tekno warns Shortfuse to go careful with the untested suit. Sure enough, they find a monster interfering with the set of Belinda Barking's new commercial (Tekno wishing they'd waited until the monster had finished the endorser off). The threat declares that he was expecting them, saying it was "foretold". As Tekno wonders what he meant, Shortfuse goes in to attack but the beast simply chucks Shortfuse through a window.

Tekno is furious and asks what's going on, the Slave revealing he does his master's bidding. Inside the house that Shortfuse crashed into, the squirrel is currently out of action. While he is, an unsavoury figure approaches, vying to do the next part of his plan himself. Outside, Tekno realises brute force won't work on the slave, so resorts to insulting the monster. Irritated, the slave charges forward, allowing Tekno to stab him with a tazer. The slave is soon summoned back by his master and escapes through a portal before Tekno can stop him. Shorty arrives soon after, berating Tekno for the bugs that his armour has. Tekno is equally snarky, telling Shorty he shouldn't have charged in. The heroes walk each other home, aware that there will be plenty more adventures ahead.


  • The story is the first in a major series of stories that would later move into the Tekno & Shorty series. The next installment is Unusual Suspect.


This is the first Sonic's World story in Sonic the Comic Online, the previous being Tall Tails (not counting the Amy & Tekno series which was also co-listed as Sonic's World. The next story is Unusual Suspect.

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