Return of the Nightmare is a 3-part Super Sonic story which began in Issue 146 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Nigel Kitching
B & W Art: Roberto Corona
Colouring: John M Burns
Lettering: Elitta Fell


Somewhere on the outskirts of Metropolis Zone, Sonic is tracking high energy readings, which, if right, means Super Sonic has returned. In the city itself, Super Sonic is back to his old self, and Ebony is trying to calm him down. It doesn't work, and Ebony tries her Globe of Enrokk spell. Super is unaffected, and he blasts Ebony and Pyjamas away before diving underground. He re-emerges seconds later, followed by a torrent of lava, having created a live volcano. As the citizens panic, Super retreats into space, where he decides to pull Mobius' moon out of orbit. The moon smashes into the planet- in Super's fantasies. The Globe on Enrokk has worked, but it is a difficult spell to perform, and Ebony is struggling to maintain it.
Just as Ebony's about to give up, Pyjamas gets an idea and begins to form a mind link. The spell ends and Pyjamas' plan has worked. She erased his memories of turning evil again, reverting him to his pacifist state. Suddenly Sonic arrives in the city. Ebony and Pyjamas slip Super down an alley, but Sonic rushes over to talk to them. The machine's readings say Super is right nearby, but a cat jumps out, surprising Sonic. When he next checks the machine, it's not showing any readings at all. With no visible damage nearby, Sonic is forced to concede that Super isn't around, and leaves, Super Sonic emerging from a vent afterwards. Ebony reveals that she cast a spell over Sonic's machine so it told him what she wanted it to. Super believes that perhaps he should give himself up in case he turns evil again, but Ebony and Pyjamas vow that if something should happen, they'll be there to look after him.


The previous Super Sonic story was Hunter & the Hunted. Super Sonic himself would not return until Perfect Chaos!.

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