It really is weird.

Return to the Death Egg
is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 231 of Sonic the Comic Online.



After Sonic and Knuckles destroyed the Death Egg, its remains crashed into the Emerald Coast Zone. Years later, the Freedom Fighters are visiting the crash site so Porker can look over the systems. Porker is understandably nervous about visiting the old satellite, and Sonic's warped sense of humour isn't helping, the hedgehog joking about an secret army of Badniks and deliberately kicking the wall of a lift as they ride it. As the lift comes to a halt, the heroes are attacked by still-functioning Badniks, who proceed to start shutting down all exits. From the shadows, Tails is attacked by a robot referring to himself as Chief Scientist Unit 01, but the fox downs him easily. The panicking Porker overloads the door's locking mechanism, and the victorious heroes continue their journey to the control room. The Death Egg's scientific research module reveals that no attack plans against Mobius are in operation, and the Badniks were deployed out of self-defence. According to the computer, Dr Robotnik intended to replace his scientific team with robots and thus created the SRM program. When the Death Egg crashed, the offensive systems held no further purpose but the SRM has continued to run in the intervening years. A quick scan of the system reveals research into energy-saving, transport and even curing illnesses. Sonic, however, doesn't trust anything that's come from a system built by Robotnik (remembering the dictator's mistake with the Brotherhood of Metallix) and sets the system to self destruct. He does a little more damage to ensure the Death Egg's destruction, then proceeds to grab his friends and retreat. As they leave, the satellite exploding behind them, Amy berates Sonic for his decision, but Sonic remains confident that he did the right thing: Mobius is free now, and the people 'never need to turn to that fat dictator or anyone else for help again.'


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The End of the World!. The next story was Something Wicked This Way Comes.

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