Reunion i

Knuckles meets Tikal. Art by Mike Corker.

s a Knuckles the Echidna complete story, featuring in Issue 228 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Knuckles the Echidna has finally been reunited with the Floating Island, having not long resurfaced from the bottom of the ocean. Porker Lewis had been part of the plan, helping Sonic the Hedgehog, although they decided not to tell Knuckles of the plan - Sonic believed somebody would just steal the Chaos Emeralds again if they did. As Knuckles delights in returning home, Porker still has something important to tell him. His confession is cut short when Knuckles hears a cry of pain from down a tunnel - somebody else is on the island. Rushing onwards, he's amazed to see Tikal, another echidna, lying on the ground.

Tikal is absolutely hysterical, waving her staff wildly at Knuckles. Porker reveals that she was somehow brought into the future, trapped inside the Chaos creature. For eight millennia she was forced to live with a monster that inspires total fear, driving Tikal insane. Now, her memories returning, she is slowly dying from the weight of the memories. Fortunately, Ebony is here and she has a plan. Her solution is wipe her memories, allowing Tikal to forget her time with Chaos. Ebony can't pick and choose which memories to keep, however, meaning she'll forget all about the ancient past as well. Knuckles is furious, not willing to let his only link to his past be removed. In desperation, he punches Ebony and goes to assist Tikal. He doesn't prove to be very comforting and Tikal falls further into her fearful madness. As Knuckles ponders what he should do about Tikal's suffering, his answer is given to him by Ebony, blasting him into a wall. Within seconds, her spell is complete, Tikal lying peacefully on the floor. Knuckles is crestfallen; Ebony tries to talk to him, but leaves soon after, knowing it's hopeless.


  • Ebony has no real reason to be on the Floating Island, having not set foot on it when helping to retrieve it. She also has no way of getting off the island, but she is magic!
  • This story is Knuckles' first appearance in the online comic.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was Sonic the Comic story The Take-Over. The next is Trouble in Paradise.

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