Revolutionary is a 3-part Amy & Tekno story, beginning in Issue 247 of Sonic the Comic Online.



In the Imperial Palace of the Coal Creek Zone, the General is visiting the stag council to deliver a warning. The weasel population will not stand for their treatment much longer and a rebellion is imminent. The council are having none of it, insisting the weasels should take whatever they are given. Irritated, the General gives them a "present" from the weasels, a "bug" which causes all of the council to shrink until they are barely visible.

Some time later, the Kintobor Computer informs Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary that the Coal Creek Zone has come under new ownership and wants peace with neighbours the Ocean Falls Zone. Amy is suspicious, knowing that Coal Creek was previously led by a militaristic regime. Amy and Tekno take a ship and pay the new owners a visit. Once there, they note that all the stags seem to be afraid of them, but Amy simply says that they've been taught the Freedom Fighters. Once inside the admiral's room, however, Amy's resolve fades, particularly when the new ruler turns out to be Nack the Weasel! Nack recalls his tale of faking his own death before returning home to the Diamond Fjord Zone. His home had been taken over by the stags and Nack was put to work. With his wealth, Nack managed to bribe the guards to let him see the General, who he then bribed to help him overthrow the War Council and free his people. Amy believes him but Tekno isn't so forgiving so, in the night, the canary breaks into Nack's office. Once there, she discovers that Nack plans to occupy the Ocean Falls Zone! Unfortunately, Nack has caught her in the act of trespassing and sentences Tekno to her death.

The next morning, Amy demands the release of her friend. She'll even fight Nack, the weasel insisting Tekno must be put on trial. Since Nack is in charge, Amy is escorted from the office. However, Amy attacks the guards and breaks free from their grip, before starting her search for the dungeons. Picking the first staircase she finds, the hedgehog heads downstairs and finds Tekno locked up. As soon as they escape, the heroes are cornered by guards with more of them blocking the hangar bay doors. Tekno picks up Amy and flies her to the doors, Amy kicking guards as they go. Once inside a stag ship, Tekno notes that they can't get through the sealed hangar doors so reverses through the wooden ones, scattering stags. They eventually break free of the Imperial Palace but are soon shot down by Nack's battleship.

In the Ocean Falls Zone, the Zone Leader gets assistant Harvey to pen an invite to Nack, hoping to have afternoon tea and discuss the recent peace annoucement. In the skies above, Amy and Tekno are barely hanging on before the ramming ship of Nack forces the heroes to eject, fortunately with a parachute. Nack also survived the fall and plans to kill the girls right here, sending his new army at them. Amy and Tekno are initially confident about the number of guards they have to fight, but are captured by the stronger troops. Nack assures Tekno that he and the General are on the same page, until said General arrives to shoot at Nack for threatening Tekno. Another shot rings out, this time from an Ocean Falls ship, stating that this could be considered an act of war. Nack is about to retort until the General takes over, profusely apologising for his new Zone Leader's attitude.

The Zone Leader apologises for not making it to the scene quicker, but had refused to depart mid-biscuit. Amy and Tekno walk off, fully intending to return and ask for a ride home, but only after the voles finish their afternoon tea!


  • This story took place before the events of Issue 238, explaining Tekno's appearance.
  • The first appearances of stags, voles, Coal Creek, Diamond Fjord, Ocean Falls and the General are made here.
  • Nack's occupation plan seems to be written in Japanese.
  • Amy continuously jinxs the mission with her optimism, particularly in the second part.
  • The story is littered with spelling mistakes. "Elevenses" is misspelled "elevensies". Similarly, "Weetabix" is written "wheatabix", although this could be to avoid using a real Earth brand. Nack tells his guards to "sick" his opponents and a stray apostrophe finds its way into "guy's".
  • The General's outfit is very much like the original uniform of Doctor Robotnik, with the red replaced by purple.


The previous Amy & Tekno story was Green Envy. This is currently the latest story.

The previous Amy Rose story was Chasing Amy. The next story was Monsters on the Miracle Planet!.

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