Riot Resolution is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story, appe

Sonic's New Year is about to get off to a bad start. Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn.

aring in Issue 120 of Sonic the Comic.



Sonic is taking a stroll in the Emerald Hill Zone, where the hedgehog is asked if he's made any New Year's resolutions. Sonic answers that he's made just the usual - stay cool and ensure Doctor Robotnik doesn't take over the world. Sonic asks the Emerald Hill folk the same question, but they haven't made their mind up. Instead, they're off to Wally Dithers' Centre For The Undecided, where their resolutions will be made for them. Sonic laughs off their ridiculous plan, but the villagers have their minds set. Later, the indecisive bunch make their way to Dithers', where the gentleman tells them to make a resolution and stick to it. He orders them to destroy Sonic, something the villagers are appalled with. However, the wildcat taunts them for being too wimpy and they soon come round to the idea.

Soon after, the newly-decisive people find Sonic and chase him down. Sonic thinks they're only after his autograph but a quick bundle to the ground suggests otherwise. Learning of their new resolution, Sonic urges them to change their minds by spinning them in a vortex. However, their minds are made up, causing Sonic to change tactics. Since the villagers are convinced they must destroy Sonic, the hedgehog leads them on a cross-country chase, the chasing mob eventually tiring and revealing that Dithers told them to do this. Sonic has a feeling that the villagers were just a distraction and rushes home.

Sure enough, Wally and Grand Chief Whip are hurtling towards the Control Centre in a tank, ready to destroy the home of the Freedom Fighters and the Kintobor Computer. Despite the appearance, the tank has more than enough firepower to wipe him out. However, Dithers can't decide whether to use the "proplasmic energon blaster" or the "electrobolt pulsar pumper" but it's all deemed irrelevant when Sonic smashes up the ship. The Emerald Hill folk return to the scene of the battle and apologise for listening to someone else. They're all keen to start thinking for themselves... as long as it sounds like a good idea to Sonic!


  • Wally Dithers' surname is spelled "Dither" when he is first mentioned.
  • One of the indecisive people appears to be wearing a Brazillian football shirt, although it also looks a bit like a burger.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Black Christmas. The next is Hobson & Choy.

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