This article is about the character. For the story, see Robofox (story).

Robofox is actually Tails after being turned into a Badnik by Doctor Robotnik. Tails only appeared as a Badnik in
Issue 2 of Sonic the Comic.

Some time prior to the beginning of StC continuity, Tails had gone missing from the Green Hill Zone. Sonic searched for him frantically, destroying all Badniks that got in his way. He eventually found Tails who was accompanied by Robotnik. Tails had been fitted with a mechanical exoskeleton which enhanced his speed and strength and made him loyal to Robotnik. The Robofox's abilities were not fully explored due to Tails' mind resisting Robotnik's programming. As Tails watched Robotnik beat Sonic in his Egg-o-Matic, he snapped free of Robotnik's control and in his anger attacked the mad doctor. He destroyed Robotnik's Checker-Wrecker Ball and the Robofox exoskeleton was shattered in the blast. Robofox has not appeared again since this story.


  • In Lost in the Labyrinth Zone, Arachbot had kidnapped Tails and had intended to turn him into a Badnik. He even carried a new Robofox exosuit with him. This exosuit was armed with a flamethrower.

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