The Robofox design.

Robofox is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story that appeared in Issue 2 of Sonic the Comic. It is the first appearance of Miles "Tails" Prower in the comic.



Armed with a trendy new bag, Sonic has returned to the Green Hill Zone from a trip to the Marble Zone wanting to give something to Tails. However, there seems to be nobody in the Zone at all, until Sonic finds a young rabbit cowering in some bushes. Believing Sonic to be an enemy, the rabbit cries that he'll do anything to not be hurt, but Sonic calms him down. Reassured, the rabbit reveals that Doctor Robotnik arrived one night and raided the entire forest, including the rabbit's parents and Tails, leaving him the only one left in the Zone! Sonic gets his bag and pulls out a new pair of grippy Power Sneakers and a flash pair of shades. The rabbit is confused as to who the blue hedgehog is and what he can do, but Sonic reveals himself as someone who "sorts things out". With that, he speeds off into the hills.

As Sonic races along, a troop of Buzz Bomber Badniks realises that an organic creature has evaded capture and decides to kill him. However, a Spin Attack on a group of Choppers makes them all realise just who they're dealing with. Going back to deal with the aerial threat, Sonic frees Sally Acorn and a couple of others and rushes off to face Robotnik, waiting with a new Badnik - Robofox - who is actually Tails as a Badnik. Sonic arrives and demands to see his friend, not knowing he has become a Badnik. A Spin Attack on an old friend later and Tails reveals he always hated the Zone, especially being left while Sonic went on adventures. Robotnik takes the opportunity to pummel Sonic with his new machine and states that he plans on turning everyone on Mobius into a Badnik. Tails takes this opportunity to fight his programming and launch a massive Spin Attack, destroying the wrecking ball and the Robofox shell. Realising he'd rather watch an episode of Eldorado than face two heroes at once, Robotnik flies off, leaving Sonic to blame Tails for becoming a Badnik and lamenting the loss of his new sneakers (they've melted already).


  • Tails makes his first appearance in the comic, but won't get his own solo story until Issue 16.
  • Eldorado was a real-world soap known for its low quality. Either there is a Mobian equivalent of the show or Robotnik can get the Planet Earth programmes beamed to his base.
  • Sonic would never again wear sneakers that deviated from the usual design. Spinball Wizard would show Sonic putting on a faster pair, while Tufftee steals a normal pair in the next strip.
  • Chopper Badniks made their first appearance, although their blue hue made them closer to a Chop-Chop from the Aquatic Ruin Zone.


The last Sonic the Hedgehog story was Enter: Sonic. The next is Mayhem in the Marble Zone.

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