Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns

Robotnik Mecha are an series of robotic battle-suits built by Dr. Robotnik for his personal use, each based on his own appearance. None of these armoured mechs have been officially named in Sonic the Comic, normally referred to as simply 'battle-craft' or 'battle armour'. Numerous different models have been built, though their capabilities are never fully displayed.


  • The first Robotnik Mecha to appear in STC appeared in the Issue 17 story, Sonic the Human. In the first panel of the story, Robotnik's mech has grabbed Tails and is about to step on Sonic.
  • The second mecha to appear in STC is actually Robotnik's very first battle armour, based on the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Though its abilities are not displayed in the comic, this machine is flight capable, can launch its arms like rockets and it can deploy bombs from its back. It appeared in one panel of Sonic's World: A Tale of Tails, in Issue 27.
  • When the Death Egg was destroyed in Issue 53, Robotnik attacked Sonic on the Floating Island in another robot based on his own image. This robot was equipped with a jet booster for flight and lasers built into its fingers. Sonic dealt heavy damage to this mech and knocked it over the edge of the island, though its jets still worked well enough to allow Robotnik a safe - if not soft - landing.
  • Robotnik piloted another robotic craft in the Issue 88 story, Future Shock! Part 3. This one had no legs and was always hovering. It had a segmented body and a transparent plexi-glass dome for a head (into which Robotnik's head would fit). This mecha surprised Sonic and his elderly clone by bursting out of the ground. Whilst Sonic went to save his friends, the clone engaged Robotnik and swiftly ripped the machine apart.

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