A covention dedicated to the tyranny of Doctor Robotnik that took place during RBR. The convention centre was located in the Chemical Plant Zone and was built in the shape of Dr. Robotnik's head. The convention's rather lacklustre timetable included panel discussions "It's Good To Be A Badnik!" and "Doctor Robotnik Talks and You Listen!". A special bonus was also included where citizens swapped their life's savings for an autographed photo of the doctor. This bonus was compulsory for all attendees.

As it turned out, the convention centre was really a Badnik Processing Plant. The more people who went in, the more Badniks would fly out. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were on hand to save the people and shut down the plant, and after a quick battle against the Troopers, Sonic brought down a nearby statue of Robotnik right on top of the processing plant. Robotnik was outraged when he arrived at the convention to find everything in ruins.

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