Art by Jon Haward

The Roofworlders are a group of people that live on the roofs of Tokyo, Japan. They hide on the rooftops to avoid the “jackals” who prey on the weak on the streets below. A self-sufficient community, the Roofworlders, led by Kotomi-sensei, are trained to defend themselves from attack as well as the ability to move silently.

The poor civilians were joined by Joe Musashi for a time, on the run from the Yakuza and the Four Elements. Musashi was keen not to drag these people into his fight, but it was too late. Working together, the Roofworlders and the Shinobi repelled two separate attacks. Musashi was invited to stay with the Roofworlders, but Musashi moved on and neither have been seen since.

Notable Roofworlders


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