Not to be confused with stories Roots or Roots (Knuckles story).

Root is a character from Sonic the Hedgehog story Roots. Initially just a tiny walking root, the villain encountered explorer Morton in the Mandrake Swamp and attached himself to Morton's neck. Gradually, Root took over Morton's mind and grew his own body over his host's, becoming much more impressive-looking.

Later, Blockhead Bill and Society Max visited the Swamp to locate more Mandrake Roots, required for the latter to transform into an enormous dinosaur. Root used his own mind root to turn the pair into his slaves. Bill, with the help of Max, was then tasked with delivering a vial to New Tek City and planting a virus in the waters of the city. The virus would then turn the metropolis into an extension of the Mandrake Swamp. Unfortunately, Root had to intervene when Bill's plan was thwarted by the Chaotix Crew. Root thrust his hand into a scrying pool and kidnapped Bill and Max.

Root continued to plant fear in the mind of Bill, controlling his brain through the mind-root. He changed his plan by capturing Chaotix and Sonic the Hedgehog. He then intended to turn the five heroes into more slaves, ones more capable of carrying out his plan. Root was successful in turning Chaotix but Sonic escaped. Root commanded his new slaves to defeat Sonic, but it was Sonic who defeated Root, kicking a pillar on top of him, crushing the villain.

With the spell broken, Root tried to escape. Fortunately, Morton came back to his senses in time to tell Sonic that Root is a tiny root on the floor. When Chaotix returned to the real world, Sonic proposed to eat Root in a bowl of rice and chilli sauce.


  • It is never explained how Root posessed such magical powers or created the mind-roots.
  • Root is never seen again. It is entirely possible that Sonic carried out his plan to turn Root into a snack...


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