Ristar and Siestar fight it out

Scandalous Footage is a complete story in Issue 244, the only Ristar story to date.



Jealous of Ristar and his global success, defeating the terrible Greedy, budding guitarist Siestar is about to turn the hero's world upside down. Sneaking into his kitchen, armed with a video camera, Siestar films Ristar singing along to the radio, whilst baking a fruit pie. Running away from the scene of the crime, Siestar laughs into the camera, asking the "audience" how someone like that could have saved the world. Ristar gives chase, not wanting the embarrassing tape to be seen by anyone else. That's exactly Siestar's plan - once Ristar's girl fans see it, they'll need a new idol, namely Siestar. Then his band will be able to get their demo tape out to Planet Sonata and become universally famous! Siestar escapes on a Grab Pole and Ristar follows in hot pursuit, the stars flying through the night sky.

The chase sees them crashing through houses and into the Council building. Ristar realises that Siestar plans to broadcast the tape to everyone at the council and taunts his friend, knowing he'll get into just as much trouble. Siestar retorts that he has no famous dad to be worried about pride. Ristar tries to stop his opponent from playing the video, but it's too late. Itzamna's political debate is replaced by Ristar's singing. Siestar is beaming at his success, but his expression changes to disbelief as the politicans gathered comment on Ristar's great singing talent. The young hero is left to be mobbed by his adoring fans as Siestar addresses the readers, making sure we all realise Ristar isn't going anywhere - he's too popular!


  • Ristar was one SEGA character often mentioned in the Message Zone prior to this story. His popularity lead to the appearance of this comic.
  • Ristar is caught singing Waiting For a Star to Fall by "Boy Meets Girl".
  • This has the first appearance of Ristar's home (Keschera Colony) and shows it to have both an elected government and an ethnically mixed population (we see a number of comets and a humanoid bird living there alongside the stars).
  • Lots of small details can be seen in the background, as drawn by Stiv. In the scene where Ristar and Siestar crash through the house, they intrude on a blue star playing Sonic the Hedgehog, an old star with his grandchild, and even a couple making amateur porn. A Grab Pole from the games makes an appearance and Ristar's singing is notably terrible, with his musical notes being wobbly when compared to the radio's.


This is currently the only Ristar story.

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