The SRM bringing up its recent offensive command

Scientific Research Module (SRM) (also known as Program AD3) is a program built into the Death Egg by Doctor Robotnik. The module was created to run alongside the battleship's destructive systems with its aim being to research Mobius' greatest mysteries and programs. Despite the Death Egg falling to the Emerald Coast Zone, the program remained active.

According to the SRM itself, it was created by Doctor Robotnik to automatically conduct scientific research; the SRM was originally a test project to create robotic scientists since Robotnik wanted to replace his science crew. It is also the most advanced artificial-intelligence ever created. Even with Robotnik gone, the SRM contained 531 files on topics from innovations in transport technology, energy-saving devices and even cures for illnesses.

Porker Lewis wanted to use all this information to benefit the whole of Mobius but Sonic the Hedgehog vowed never to rely on Robotnik again and opted to destroy the Death Egg and the SRM.


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