Art by Nigel Dobbyn

The Scorchio Zone is a vast expanse of desert on Mobius and the hottest zone on the planet. Miles of sand stretch out in every direction with no sources of water and no signs of life.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik dumped comedian Willie Waddle in the Scorchio Zone as an act of spite, since Waddle's routine involved making fun of the former dictator. Waddle was left to die but was rescued by Tails. During the rescue, the pair were attacked by a Sandworm - previously the only thing seen to be moving in the Zone - and were fighting a losing battle. Fortunately, Waddle's bad jokes confused the Sandworm, allowing Tails to destroy it. They then quickly left to return to the Metropolis Zone.


  • When describing the Shanazar weather, one of the Imperial Guards noted that the forecast was for "scorchio". However, this has no relation to this Zone.


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