Current state of the Zone. Art by Kevin M.

Scrap Brain Zone is a huge, city-sized factory that served as Dr. Robotnik's first base of operations when he began his quest for world domination. Hundreds of Badniks were built here, as well as several other weapons and devices Robotnik deployed in his conquest of Mobius. During RBR, Robotnik sometimes considered the Scrap Brain Zone as a home-away-from-home, having living quarters set up adjacent to his laboratory, as well as a mechanical 'garden' of sorts for when he needed to relax. Of course, as well as being a construction yard for new Badniks, Scrap Brain was also a Badnik disposal facility where failed Badniks would be sent to be melted down as punishment.

Despite Robotnik being absent for several years, work on demolishing the Zone didn't begin until around 2010. As part of their joint anarchy on Mobius, Master Scholar ordered Rouge the Bat to tamper with construction robots in the area, reprogramming them to build a massive Robotnik statue.


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